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Extra- curricular activities 

Aspen Heights views extra-curricular activities as an integral part of the education of our students. To that end, we offer a wide range of clubs that aim to introduce the child to potential hobbies, develop particular sports, provide language learning and inspire an interest in areas that perhaps they would not be exposed to through the normal curriculum. Children from year 2 upwards will be able to select from our extra-curricular clubs each term.

Term 1 ECAs start w/c Sunday 16th September.






Girls Football


Arabic Stories


Drama Club 


Boys Touch Rugby


Maths Club



Islamic Club

Eco Club

We believe students benefit from extra-curricular activities in a number of ways:

Team Spirit
Team sports require children to work together to achieve a common goal and remove the focus from the individual to the team. Other activities such as drama and dance also promote teamwork.

Physical Development
When children participate in sports and outdoor activities, they get good exercise and learn life-long habits of keeping physically and mentally fit. Combined with other life skills like learning about nutrition, physical development activities will ensure that children know the basics of living a healthy lifestyle.

Stirring natural curiosity and interests, we champion extra-curricular activities that nurture creativity. Arts and crafts, music, performing arts, sports and dance can all be enjoyed at Aspen Heights.

When children learn new skills and engage in social activities, they become more self-confident. Learning social skills like cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution, in a fun and relaxed environment, will help them develop skills valuable in all aspects of life.